Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Trip Day One

I just got back last night from a Birthday trip to New York, one of my favourite places to visit.  We try to go once or twice a year and this time, it was really a Foodie trip, with too much eating going on.  There are so many places that I want to try but only so much time in a day to eat.  We stayed in the Soho area this time so that we could be within walking distance of most of the places that I wanted to try.  Of course there was some shopping as well and it wouldn't be any kind of trip if I didn't try to find some dollies.  But no luck in the doll front, especially the Monster High search.  I was hoping to find the new kids on the block - Rochelle and Jackson but no luck at FAO, all the most recent ones but not these two, and I also struck out at Toysrus Times Square.  They actually didn't even have the newer ones there and no new Mini Lalas.  Very disappointing.

But at least we had food.  We started the first day with lunch at Boqueria, a Spanish Tapas place, on Spring Street.  I always like to try new places and we've eaten here before but the food is consistent and we were hungry after flying in and having to wait for our room to be ready.  They have a nice take on Spanish tapas especially Tortilla and some lovely Chipirones with a Frisse salad.  I was trying to remember to take pictures of the food but I sometimes forgot and starting eating.

Then drinks at the Broome Street Bar.  The first day there was a scorcher so we needed some liquid refreshment.  Makes one want to win the lottery so you can wander around eating and drinking at odd hours of the day.

Then feeling peckish in the afternoon, we walked over to The Dutch on Prince and Sullivan.  They keep the bar open from 3 to 5:30 but no food until 5:30 on the dot so we stopped in.  The bar was busy and jumping for Tuesday afternoon cocktails.

For dinner we went to Miss Lilly's for some Jamaican goodies.  Another happening, busy place.  Tiny place with lots of squeezing around bodies to get to the bar while waiting for the table, but it's all good.  Food was amazing.  Great music, they have a radio station called Miss Lily's, and they also have a juice bar and a record shop all on the same corner.  We had grilled corn with coconut and then I had the Shrimp curry and hubby had the classic jerk chicken which he pronounced amazing.  We eat a fair bit of Jamaican food here in Toronto (and hubby's background is Jamaican) and this was really good.  I would have gone back a few more times.

More on day two later on.

Spring and Easter

So Spring has supposedly sprung.  After having one of mildest winters on record for Toronto, an early spring beckoned with warm days in March.  But now April is here and the days are colder and spring seems to have taken a back seat.  The flowers are blooming but the weather is still chilly.  Still, Easter came and with it some new pictures of the Target spring Mini Lala - Sprouts Sunshine.  These little cuties are certainly addictive.  No Target here yet so I had to find her south of the border.  Here she poses with a small Easter display.

 And a quick picture of a flowering tree in the neighbourhood.