Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's on my desk this week

I interrupt the posting of vacation shots to show you what's on my desk this week.  I am trying to go between new dolls and older dolls that need some love so this week some newer Dynamite Girls including the super cute Auden and his companion today Rufus.  They give off such an 80's Club vibe that it brings back memories.

Auden has a very pale colour and blue eyes that pop.  Love the striped pants as well. Wonderful coordinates on him and for her, I love the blue hair and the blue nail polish.  Freckles and such a cute look on her face.  The tshirt is my favourite part of her look. I didn't get any of the other dolls from this grouping as these were the two I liked the most but having seen others pictures when they came out,  I did miss Aria as well.

Wonder what I will pick for this week?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Vacation Shots

Well I have been from vaca now for a week and a half and finally had time to download my pics from my phone and settle back into the everyday schedule of work, figuring out dinner, laundry etc, etc.  We went to Spain for two weeks starting just outside of Malaga in the south and then heading up to Barcelona for the second week.  I have been to Spain many times, my background is Spanish although I was born here in Toronto, but we travelled many years to Spain to visit family and explore.  I had never been to Barcelona before and so was very excited about exploring the city.  Having seen it now, I have to go back as there wasn't enough time to see and do everything I wanted to see and do.  The city has such a wonderful youthful vibe and a great energy that I loved.

Of course I took along a few small friends to share the adventure.  We started off by staying at my mom's house outside of Malaga, along the Costa del Sol. 

The Lalas had fun on Mom's giant Cactus, the south is very dry and has little rainfall so there are giant palm trees and many cacti everywhere.  Also they enjoyed the colours of her Bougainvillaea plants.  She has wonderful Oleanders and Hibiscus, Lemon trees, poinsetta trees and Cypress trees.

The wonderful thing is that she is across the street for the beach and so off we went...

You can't forget your umbrella.  Some families are down there the whole day with entire caravans of stuff but we often went down late in the afternoon, after siesta, and relaxed for a few hours.  The girls brought their own sunshade.

The week we were there was also the Feria time, which takes place once a year and includes day and night ferias and rides, food, bullfighting and shows.  Here is one quick picture of the decoration at the beginning of the closed Paseo and one of Loli and Gaston hanging out at the Quitapenas Tapas bar.  Quitapenas means Lose your Sorrows.  Salud.

Will post more soon!
Adios for now!

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Since the summer is slowly moving towards its inevitable end, I had to have some summery dolls to look at while I toil at my desk.  I was recently able to add 3 of the Misaki Summer Couture dolls to my one lone Summer Crush because another wonderful collector, Rosemarie from Calgary was letting them go.  It was a wonderful transaction and included the Amazon Japan exclusive Summer Storm that I had always coveted. Here are two of them relaxing with their music and cool water... Summer Crush and Summer blues.

And one more of Crush (sorry for so many)

Caribana Events

Here in Toronto, we have the annual Caribana Parade that takes place first weekend in August and various events leading up to it.  This is a Caribbean celebration that has been taking place for over 40 years and involves floats, mas bands that prepare for a whole year and steel pan bands.  My son has been playing in a steel band called Pan Vibrations since grade 3 and every year they participate in the Caribana parade as well as the Pan Alive competition the night before.  Three years ago I helped out with the parade and managed to shatter my knee cap in a weird accident so I have stayed away  for the last few years but I still go to cheer for them at the Pan Alive event.  I helped to lug around pans while they set up for the performance.  So I took along a few helpers...

 But for sheer colour and plumage I would have to go back to the parade and take shots of the wonderful mas bands and the colourful kings and queens of the parade. That's for another year.

What Was on My Desk

A few pictures of what was on my desk after my NY trip.  I have been trying to change them once a week although sometimes I really enjoy the ones on there and leave them on a bit extra.  Everyone at work gets a kick out of seeing what I bring in although I have to say that the ones that have gotten the biggest reaction are the various Monster High dolls.

Here we have Youthquake Poppy and her new best friend Darla Daley.

Of all the Integrity lines of dolls, I must say that Poppy is my favourite.  It could be that the 60's resonates with me as I am a child of the 60's or that I love the fashions and the inspirations from that time or just that she is the cutest thing.

More NYC

While walking up Broadway we noticed a new exhibit of bodies posed on tall poles.  They were repeated throughout  the walk and I took a few shots of the different poses.

2nd Post for NYC trip

I know that it's been a few weeks since I posted but I was away on vacation (will have pictures of that soon) and then back to work.  It astonishes me that every summer seems to go by faster than the last one and now here we are on Labour Day and school starts tomorrow and fall is creeping around the corner.  Even with the hot, hot days we had this year, I still want to keep it going for abit longer. 

But I did want to post a few more pictures from my July trip to NYC.

 This is actually a beautiful, soulful, statue that was temporarily put in Union Square Park done by a Spanish artist.  No little people in site but I kept taking pictures of this girl.  He said he was inspired by a young girl in Barcelona.
Next one of the ticket booth at Grand Central Station.

We were in the Meatpacking area and made a pit stop at The STandard Grill, as it was just too hot to walk around anywhere and we needed refreshments.  They had a rather large clown toy in the front and I had to pose one of the Lalaloopsys there.  She is rather lost on his foot.

One quick shot from the pool of the Hotel Gansavoort Park Avenue where we stayed.

A few from Washington Square Park on a day when people were frolicking in the fountain even though signs say you can't. 

WE had to try out the new Beer Garden at the top of Eataly as it had just opened.  A very cool spot accessed through an elevator in the store/restarant on the 14th floor. 

And finally on this post, we went to see the second part of the High Line which had recently opened and which would take us to 30th.  A great way to go for a stroll and look out on the Hudson, people's apartments and the neighbourhood. 

 Finally had to stop for some lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar.  Really enjoyed this place as I had meant to eat there on previous visits and had never made it.  The cowboy decided to menace all the noodles in the place.

More coming up in a minute.