Monday, May 23, 2011

The Magic Pony

Yesterday I went into the Magic Pony while on my way to dinner.  The Magic Pony is an interesting shop that sells Dunnys, Tokidokis, Rement, has art books and knick knacks and also hosts art exhibits in their gallery called Narwhal Art Projects.  An exhibition has just recently opened called "In-Between" by Alvaro Ilizarbe/Freegums.  When I saw the space I had to take some pics with my little Ciao, who I am currently carrying around in my purse.

 (sorry for the blurry last shot)

And one last shot of Ciao with Italian beer, what else?

A funny picture

While out walking in my neighbourhood I passed a house that I know has two small children and a very nice garden.  While looking at the flowers I did notice a few interlopers that had been left there among the flowers.

What's on my desk this week

Well my weeks are somewhat off since I kept my Monogram on my desk an extra week since I didn't actually see her while i was in Vancouver but i did bring a new doll for this week.  I like many others took advantage of the Pink Sale at Barbie Collectibles recently and bought Palm Beach Coral, which was the only one I was missing from the Palm Beach collection, for a song using my 2nd quarter rewards on her.  I am having a harder time using the rewards on newer dolls.  She arrived this week and is beautiful.  So she is on my desk this week...

 But just before changing the dolls for the week I did take a few shots of Exquisite modelling one of the new Chair candle holders I just bought at Teatro Verde.  They came in aubergine and apple green and i went for the green...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Food pictures from Joe Forte's

Had dinner with my team in Vancouver at Joe Forte's which has been around since 1985, I think, and has as do all the restaurants in Vancouver, amazing fresh seafood and fish.  We ordered three large seafood towers and they came loaded with lobster, crab, alaskan king crab, oysters and shrimps.  By the time I got around to take the picture, we had demolished much of the tower.

Finally it was time to come back home and here we are at the airport getting ready to fly...

And one last parting shot of some of the best cream puffs I've ever had from Beard Papa's, which has just opened in Toronto in Pacific Mall but here they were near my hotel...

Walking around Stanley Park

Had to take a walk up to Stanley Park to really appreciate the mountains, the sea and the trees.  It was so invigorating to smell the sea and see the discarded clam shells that are scattered around from sea birds and see the seaweed. It rained on and off but didn't stop people from walking, biking, jogging and rollar blading around the Park.

Cruise Ship season has started and there were two large ships in port, one a  Princess Cruise lines which always reminds me of "the Love Boat" shows I used to watch when I was younger.

 As you can see Ichi insisted on having his own totem pole to bring home with him.

Vancouver also has some very interesting Art spread throughout the city and I captured a few pieces that really caught my eye.

Trip to Vancouver May 2011

While I was off to Vancouver for a business trip and I picked two of my little helpers to go with me - Ichi and Gaston (Japan and France) from my Little Big Planet characters.  There was some jostling among them to see who would go but I'm trying to rotate them around.  

The weather as is often the case was rainy and not so warm.  I left Toronto, which is about 10 to 15 days late in the season, hoping for better weather but it was about the same.  On the way to work I stopped at the fountain outside the Vancouver Art Gallery and took a few shots.  The bottom mosaic is lovely with shades of blues and shots of gold running through it.

I loved to pose the dolls around different art around the city such as the next one... Ichi in Space

 What I loved was the great selection of street meat trucks around the city.  I know many cities have wonderful choices in street meat but here in Toronto we are pretty much limited to hot dogs and hot dogs.  The city has tried to experiment with different food trunks but either the food wasn't good or they hid the trucks where they didn't have proper exposure.  They are still working on it but here I found some great food.  I had the Oyster Po Boy sandwich and it was amazing.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's on my desk this week

So I will be away from my desk next week for a trip to Vancouver so I have posted my new doll today.  So I am late with last week's but early with this week's.  Just received the new Exquisite Monogram and had to debox right away and pose.  I love her look, her throwback to 1950s fashion pictures and the stylized makeup she has.  Someone on one of the boards found a pic of the inspiration for this look - a 2003 Lacroix haute couture look.  She is very colourful with a lace tablecloth top that looks like a shawl followed over and the turquoise skirt gathered up in the front and a navy belt which I will remove soon, just wanted to take the original look. 

Out and about in my neighbourhood

Last week I took the sackdoll out for dinner at a fairly new resto in the neighbourhood called Queen Margherita Pizza on Queen St East near the streetcar yards.  It has wonderful authentic pizzas and a good prix fix menu for dinner with everything for $25.  Here is my little one hanging out at the table...