Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers

We had breakfast at the Standard Grill on two of the mornings there and they have the cutest salt and pepper shakers of kissing dog couples.  They have different ones scattered throughout the restarant and they sell them in the Standard Hotel gift shop.  Of course I had to buy one of the Boston Terrier couples but here are a few of the ones on our tables.

New York Adventures Continued

Next night, we had dinner at another one of April Bloomfield's restos - The John Dory Oyster Bar located in the Ace Hotel.  Another wait because this one doesn't take reservations either but the food was good and the crowd interesting.  One quick pic of Ciao among the Giant Whelks, the biggest I've ever eaten.

Next up the next morning was a walk along the High Line in the Meatpacking district.  They are continuing to extend this public space/park that is following a freight train track. You can walk from Gansovoort to 20th right now but they are working on more.  Wonderful views and spots to sit and contemplate life.

Sightseeing in New York

We went off to Times Square where it was almost impossible to walk but the energy is so amazing that you can't help looking everywhere and looking around you constantly. We stopped off along the way to watch the skaters (in April!!) in Rockefeller Center and the line ups to go into Radio City Music Hall.

We were very hungry after fighting all the crowds, and that included Toysrus to check the latest Barbies and Monster High dolls, so we stopped at Virgils for a quick Pulled Pork BBQ and a Shrimp Po'Boy.

Off to New York

Well, I had a week off so hubby and I decided to head to New York for a few days and had to bring along some of my new friends, Ciao, Loli, Chad the cowboy and Peony.  Weather wasn't so hot with rain on most of the days, especially Saturday and even when the sun came out it was still cool.  I feel like Spring will never get here.  In Toronto, we have already had the usual amount of rain for the whole of April and we're not finished yet.  Still,  I'm not complaining to be in New York in April and seeing the trees in bloom and finding yet another wonderful restaurant to eat out in.

Here are Ciao and Loli in Chelsea Market.  Actually because it was Easter Week and I believe some sort of school Spring Break, the city was full of European tourists from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England and even Norway and Sweden.  We meet people everywhere we went during the week. 

 First night's dinner was at The Spotted Pig, an April Bloomfield gastropub which was full quickly and had great food.  Tight surroundings and I think that they forgot our main but since they compted some drinks and we were in no hurry to go anywhere, we enjoyed ourselves. 

 Great window at the Christian Louboutin store on the way back to the hotel from the resto.  Small jewel of a boutique with his signature openings in the walls.  I felt like I was in the Barbie Louboutin Shoe Box.

Off to Niketown the next day uptown and had to pose Ciao and Loli in the giant Free running shoe in the Lobby.  Even dolls can be health conscious these days.  I bought a new pair of Frees because there was a $60 difference between the prices here and there.  Which is crazy as the dollar here is at Par with the US $. 

A beautiful picture of the Tiffany windows at 5th and 57th.  They created a large Trompe D'Oeil on the walls and I had to pose Ciao in the actualy small window with the clouds behind her. Crowds were crazy around here and there were people everywhere.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A funny picture

Had to post this of my husband stretching some new shoes.  The machine looks like a robot with nice looking Prada shoes.

What's on my desk this week

I'm abit late this week as I've been trying to post this on Mondays, but I changed my desk this week on Wednesday and am just getting around to posting the pictures.  This week we move to some of my Misaki dolls - The Secret Code Misaki and Amelie in a collaboration with Jason Wu and Lovesound. 

Misaki is lovely but Amelie seems to photograph with a wonky eye which looks fine in person but shows up funny in the pictures.  Right now they are wearing the winter hats which seems apropos since the weather is still cold here in Toronto and we even had wet snow today.  I long for summer.

The whole Gang

I had to pose all of the Little Big Planet characters together, minus England, who is actually there travelling with some friends, but the rest are here...

 So we have Mexico, Spain, India, Australia, Russia, Italy, France, Japan, Ireland, Japan and USA. 

Little Lord England is still travelling around London

My friends sent a few more pics of the Lord visiting gift shops, Harrods and eating cheese and pickle sandwiches which are bigger than him.

Here he is visiting the perfect size of phone booth for him.

 Then he was off to do yet more shopping by visiting Harrods, the shiny store in the background. 

Finally he had to stop for some food and ordered a cheese and pickle sandwich (!!) and got a whole condo of sandwiches...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Off for Tea in England

Well,  I wanted to buy some more of the Little big Planet dolls but couldn't find anymore where I usually shop so I ended up buying a whole box on ebay and it came two days later.  There are 12 World characters representing countries like Italy, England, Spain, India etc including the Aussie and Ciao girl I already had. So I got one of each character and I decided to keep taking pictures wherever I go.  Also, some of my coworkers who are travelleing are letting the little ones explore with them.  So this week, two friends landed in London for the week and so far Little Lord England has been having a great blast it seems.

Nothing like starting the day with a bus tour and coffee.

Big bus for such a little guy.  Next he went off to see Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen and while there the wind picked up and he lost his crown. 

Someone is not amused.  Anyway, it turns out that a nice guard with a rifle helped save the Crown Jewels, and a cold head, from the elements.

I can't wait to see where his adventures take him tomorrow.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ciao in the Land of the Giants

My husband works in Ladies shoes, which is like the best of both worlds - Dolls and Shoes.  So today he took Ciao in for a visit and she managed to check out some of the new, towering heels for Spring.  How can anyone walk in these shoes but they are gorgeous.... It seems that the shoes only come in two heel heights, shy high or flats with no in between.  But Ciao can't live without her Jimmy Choos.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Well, this week I decided to have FR Modern Sensibility Dasha visit my desk for the week.  She is lovely and I was very impressed with her outfit, shoes, and of course her great Prada copy handbag.  She looks disdainfully down on me doing my lowly work.

Now for a closeup of the bag and the shoes, which make the outfit.  The jacket actually has quite abit of detail which is lost in these pictures but which works up close.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Since I have a large doll collection I decided last year that I should bring in one or two dolls every week and have them on my desk as that way I can at least enjoy up close some of my collection.  Sometimes they get lost in the larger scope of the collection.  So I thought that I can post what I have on my desk that week in between the "adventures of the Sack people".

Last week I had the new FR2 Flawless Elise.  She is lovely to look at and has a wonderful asymmetrical black dress on and amazing yellow shoes which I don't think I photographed and  an emerald green clutch.  I broke one of her earrings putting them on and will have to fix them but for now here she is..

I'll post the next doll on Monday when I change the display. (I think I've been in retail too long!)

What has Ciao been up to

Earlier, a friend took Ciao the little big planet sackgirl with her on some separate adventures and sent a few pics my way.  So here is Ciao skiing on Big White in BC...

Then after that she was off to Switzerland.  She is more of a world traveller than me...

What has Auzzie been up to since

Still new to this blogging stuff and I have to keep telling myself to post and continue the adventures..
Playing with my Instamatic on the phone.  Very cool pics

Then Coffee before work.  I wanted to take a picture with the new Starbucks Mermaid logo where they feel that they don't have to actually put the Starbucks name on it.  But they ran out of the new cups before I got mine so here is the old cup
Then finally got into work yesterday and found a gorgeous cupcake on my desk waiting for me so Auzzie had to pose with it.

NOt sure why I can't make him do rightside up but isn't the cupcake great?