Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jason Wu For Target Pop Up store

Today dawned beautiful and sunny.  This is the most amazing winter we've had with only 30cm of snow having fallen all winter and most days, warmer and nicer than normal.  (I say this as we are about to get hit by a huge storm coming up from the States).  So it seemed the perfect day to head down to JasonWu for Target's One day Pop up shop on King St.  We are getting Target up in Canada in 2013 as they are set to take over about 100 Zellers stores and give Walmart a run for it's money.  So therefore we don't get the goodies that aways seem to be  Target exclusives unless we drive down to Buffalo.

Jason Wu came up for the day and brought his goodies up here.  Target took over a former condo sales office and did a great job of camouflaging it to look like a store with target logos, chandeliers, a faux building on the outside and the collection, except for handbags, inside.  Priced from $10 to $45 it was a fashionista draw.   They even brought up Bullseye, the cute terrier mascot.  Jason Wu was on the morning shows and then hosted a press event in the store, while the line ups started outside.  The store was going to be open from noon to 6pm, or until the merch lasted.

I told myself that I'm too cool to line up and if I get in, I get in but I managed to drag my 17 year old son down with me for company, and bathroom breaks, and lined up around 11:30.  The line wasn't too bad, I could still see the store and we were in a good position.  Soon after, the line just seemed to get longer and longer.  Unlike the fiasco that happened in some of the US stores, we were limited to only 3 pieces per shopper.  I had brought my son down as well to be an extra body, although he did manage to ditch me as soon as I was at the front door for more appropriate 17 year old pastimes.

Once inside I found that there was still a good selection and except for a few items, most pieces were still available although not all sizes were there.  Everyone was just trying items on wherever as the line for the fitting room was very long but luckily not the line to pay.  I wanted at least 4 items, but without my trusty sidekick I had to narrow it down and really, it's fun and cheap and cheerful and 3 is enough.
As with many of my travels last year, i had one of my mini lalas along for the ride - Marina Anchors decided that she matched Jason's collection the best with her red, white and blue outfit as we shopped for spring offerings.

The line up in front of me.

 Waiting to get in.  Target helpers were equipped with hot chocolate while we waited in line.


Marina had fun 

My trusty sidekick with our Starbucks.

Afterwards I relaxed with lunch up the street at Peter Pan's

 My shopping bag and a stuffed Bullseye that was being handed out in the line.

A fun way to spend my day off.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's on my Desk this Week

The recent lottery for Giselle over at the Wclub, which I didn't win by the way, made me think that I have many dolls that I haven't even enjoyed yet and here I was trying for another one.  She was lovely and I do like my Giselles but I have the newest Poppys and Darla to still play with so I put them on my desk this week to enjoy.

 One more of Foto Fab just because

Friday, February 3, 2012

Allo from Paris

I had the pleasure of going to Paris for work and even though we worked hard and it rained almost every single day, I still love being in the City of Lights.  The weather was mild, 12 most days and even the rain couldn't dampen my spirits.  While there I took out the mini Lala's for a few picture opportunities here and there.

Here are a few of the courting Prince Charming and Cinderella...

  • These were taken in the wonderful, venerable hotel Ritz of Paris.  This hotel which is in the heart of the Place Vendome, was opened by Cesar Ritz in 1898 and is currently owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed.  It is a wonderful piece of history in a city full of history and stories.  A fitting background for a prince and princess.

 Sitting on the ledge of my hotel room.

Now off for a walk in the Tuileries Gardens on a blustery Sunday morning.  Cindy is looking to show up pictures of her new home the palace she will share with Prince Charming....

 In her palace she'll have lots of room for all her little friends.

A few random shots from around the city.  Many areas were still decorated from Christmas with lights and displays.

A few more of interesting details around the city and some art in the gardens...

What was on my Desk

Just before leaving for Paris I put some new dolls on my desk at work, more for my coworkers to enjoy then me, since I wasn't here but I hadn't had chance to post them here on my blog.  These are three of the four new Dynamite Girls, the fourth is a boy, but I didn't debox him yet.  They are Reese, Dayle and Jasper and they are super fresh and cute with their bright accessories, hats, glasses and fun colours to brighten up a winter day.

 I also had a chance to try out a new app for my iphone called Diptic which has some fun layouts and effects for pictures.

Here's one that I made with the Ghoulia pictures that I had posted earlier.