Monday, June 20, 2011

New Adventures This Week

So my little guys and girls, and some additional Lalaloopsy friends have been busy this week out and about in Toronto.

First off we went to the opening Party of La Societe, a new french bistro on Bloor Street.  It has been some time since there was a new restaurant on the street as well as a patio to people watch and catch some rays.  I took Gaston for the party as he is French.  The restaurant is lovely to look at with outdoor patios and a long running bar parallel to  the dining room.  Fresh oysters, seafood, steat frites etc.  The ceiling has a beautiful light fixture.

Then I had to take some pics of my rose bush in the back yard.  This year the blooms are so bountiful and everywhere.  Must have been all the rain earlier in the spring because I've never had so many blooms. 

This weekend we had a street fest on the above mentioned Bloor Street to celebrate that the city finally finished the new sidewalks, planters, street furniture and trees that took at least 2 years and countless dineros.  The day was perfect and we had a wonderful old Citreon parked in front of my work that people just photographed to death.  I took the opportunity to take a few shots of my Pillow Sleepover on the car and hanging out. These little dolls are really the cutest. 

 And one last one taken on a living car that is parked/planted in Kensington Market. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tokidoki Unicorns

Here is a quick picture of the new Tokidoki unicorns.  There are 10 in total sold in blind boxes and here are three:

Mooka, Pogo and Bellina

Adventures of Sackboys and girls

Lately I have not posted any pictures of the Sack people adventures but one of them recently travelled with a co worker to Vancouver again (a different character) and Seattle for a brother's wedding.  Here are pictures taken of Juan and the new Tokidoki Unicorms that have just come out. 

Above they're at the wedding. I love the bright fuchsia carnations.  The colour just jumps out at you.  Also they took some pics around town enjoying coffee and fresh BC oysters.

And one more quick one in Seattle with Jack.

 (Sorry for the sideway pictures, I had trouble fixing them).

Currently I have left one of my Lalaloopsys to a another friend who is taking her to Rome to explore.  At this rate the dolls will have gone more places than me.

What's on my desk this week

Well, I had to tear myself away from my Plants vs Zombies game which is so, so addictive.  I say I'll only go on for a game or two and then an hour has passed.  I have it on my iphone, my ipad and now my computer which is a fuller game and I have just discovered the ZEn garden with plants.  I know which garden I'll be tending when the weather is bag outside.

Anyway, back to my weekly posting of "What's on my desk".  Continuing with finding older dolls that have not been getting much love lately so I found my Eugenia in her wonderful spring outfit and off to work she came with me.  I love the pastels in this outfit although they don't photograph so well on the desk she brings a smile to my face when I look over at her.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's on my desk this week

This week I went into the basement to find an older doll that was still in the box.  I have been collecting for a very long time and sometimes older dolls get pushed aside for newer versions. By bringing the dolls into work each week I find I get to appreciate one that I may have overlooked.  Most of the pictures recently have been recent arrivals but I took Kate Spade Barbie in this week.  I recently saw this doll re bodied on a model muse body and she looked terrific but this is the original body.  She has such a sweet face and I love the little bags and cute doggy.  When I went into the Kate Spade shop in Soho recently I fell in love with many of the summer dresses and the very cool and colourful accessories.  Wish I could find more of them here in Toronto.

 Here is a close up of her very sweet face.

As you can see from this picture, Juan decided to hitch a ride in her bag.  He has recently come back from an adventure with my coworker who took him to her brother's wedding in Vancouver and to Seattle.  Pictures to follow of his trek.

In the meantime I took a few shots with my little big planet characters.  Yuri went with me to see Pirates of the Caribbean and loved it.  I did too.  Stay till after the credits for a very short but cute scene.  Of course, my son and I were the only ones waiting till after the credits and feeling silly while the theatre crews were trying to clean up the theater.  Here are some pictures taken with the huge Transformers model.

 And one last one of Peony with some new friends - Lego guys.