Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have a coffee and Relax

Now I can relax for a moment and hopefully I can post sooner the next time.

Cold outside but Warm inside Part One

As the weather  has taken a turn for the worse after breaking spring records earlier this month, I finally had to break out the bathing suit beauties to feel warmer inside.  These cuties have been in their dark boxes since last year but now they are busting out.  I only had time to debox two of them so far but here they are - Beach Bunny Sooki and Heat Wave Aria.  For the money, these dolls are well worth it.  I wonder if there will be any Dynamite Girls (and Boys) unveiled this Saturday and that the price will stay where it is now. 

What was on my Desk Last Week

When Integrity surprised us with the early spring line up, I, like many of us, had to place an order with my dealer but I did have to decide what to pick and choose.  The tall girls are out, as I really don't have any room for them but I did fall in love the all the Poppys, regular and Sabrina, and the Monograms.  They just keep getting better and better.  Usually, I also order the Nufantasy dolls but for some reason Gretel and Hansel weren't speaking to me this time.  I have all the other Liliths and Edens and all the Kumis, although I am missing all the Yuris.  The pictures that others have posted of Gretel are beautiful but I don't actually regret not getting her, a first probably for me.  Also, I only picked one Monogram, Admiration, which has not come out yet but when I started to see the pictures of Inspiration, I had to add her to the bunch.  (Allure is also starting to call my name but with the unveiling of the FR collection this Saturday, she may have to continue to call).

When Inspiration arrived I knew I hadn't made a mistake.  She is stunning with the face colour, hair colour, the jewels and the pale aqua colour of her dress and shoes and handbag.  Having her on my desk this week has been inspiring.  Now I know that Spring has sprung, as they say.

Vancouver Trip with the Mini Lala's

I continue to be captivating by the mini lalaloopsys.  They keep coming out with more and different ones and I love the hunt of trying to find the newer ones.  Each one is sweeter than the last one.  Just before my work trip to Vancouver at the end of February, I found the mini set with Marina Anchors all ready to go swimming so I took them with me to pool at the hotel.  They had too much fun, although her little whale kept sinking and I had to reach in and rescue it a few times.   I always take a small bag with a different selection of the minis where ever I go in case an interesting pictures presents itself. 

She tried to help me with the weight machines as well but was most suited to the pool and the whirlpool. 

Breakfast at Tiffany Dolls

It's been almost a whole month since I posted anything so now I'll end up with 3 or 4 posts at once.  The days fly by and Spring is here.  We had a couple of weeks of very nice, warm weather but the last week has been cold and cloudy and generally sad.  But the dolls always cheer me up and make me smile. 

I received the final Breakfast at Tiffany dolls recently but I hadn't even opened the earlier ones so I decided to pose those on my desk.  I had taken pictures of Crazy about Tiffany's before but now she joins her two sisters.  The outfits and accessories are wonderful and add a great touch to the dolls, but I do wish that she had some more life in her eyes.  She seems rather sad and pensive when I look at her.  I wish Integrity had used the Poppy face mold for her the way they are doing now for the Sabrina set.  Now if only they would make a "Funny Face" set...Hint, Hint!!

So here are Crazy about Tiffany's, 5th Avenue at 6 a.m. (can't remember it that's her name), and A Girl I Know named Holly

I will post pictures of the others as soon as I pose them on my desk.  I especially like the different lip colours on all the dolls.