Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pics of my tree this year, as my son says, a Branch.  I wanted to mix it up and didn't put up the usual tree.  I felt this branch this year.


Christmas and New Year's 2011

Well here we are again at the end of another year.  I really can't believe how fast this year seems to have gone.  I know everyone says that as we get older, time flies by but this seems awfully fast.  It seems like only yesterday I was on vacation in the summer and then the convention came and went and now here we are on New Year's Eve.  I am staying home with the family and having champagne and lobsters and ringing out the old year watching movies and shows. 

Hope everyone was happy with Santa's gifts and that next year will bring many more dollies and goodies.  As one of my favourite quotes goes " May your best day this year be your worst day next year"

All the best to all and their families for a wonderful 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mini lalas in Vancouver

I had the pleasure of going out to Vancouver this week for a few days for work and I took a couple of the mini lalaloopsys with me.  When I started this blog, the point seemed to be to take interesting pictures of my mini dolls in interesting places and lately I seemed to have moved away from this theme and have been taking pictures of my regular dolls which I love but this time I put the little ones in my pocket in case anything came up. 

I was staying at the Four Seasons there and they have put up a display of 20 or so trees from different companies to raise money for charity.  Many included local organizations such as the Police, the Fire Department and the Ambulance drivers but there was also a very sad and poignant tree from the children in Japan who were affected by the devastation there and they sent along their hopes in English for their future.

In the end I took out Spot and Jewel and they only wanted to take their pictures with certain trees.

First off is the A & W tree (there was alot of corporate sponsors here). I too like a Root beer once in a while. 

A lovely Buddha tree with fun graphics.  People could also vote for their faves among all the trees. 

The Four Seasons has a Zen garden in the bottom level and a large Buddha in the lobby which the girls did want to pose with.

Finally they found a pink tree which was right up their alley. 

Then we discovered a tree filled with Barbie clothes, mostly playline and some hand made sweaters put on by the Children's Hospital.  It was my favourite but there was one more to come that they preferred.

The way to a Lala's heart is through their stomach,  I guess....

While there I popped into the local TRU and found a new playset.

 They also had a few of the new Lalaloopsy Tales, but just one of each - Curls 'N'Locks,  Pete R Canfly, and LIttle Bah Peep.  Fancy what you can find in different places.

Christmas on my Desk

It is hard to believe how fast the days are going by.  I started to decorate for Christmas two weeks ago but I kept stopping and so today I finally finished the tree and the house.  Now to write out the Christmas cards which seem to shrink each year as I lose older relatives and family friends.  Yet I have my Glee Christmas playing loud and I love the way everywhere you go the lights shine out and you can look into people's windows as you walk by in the night and see their beautiful trees. 

I had to put a doll on my desk to start off the holiday season and so I picked one of my Monograms.  Unfortunately I cannot remember her name as they don't have real names, mostly descriptions and adjectives and they are harder to remember then proper names.  I did not order this last batch of holiday Monograms as I feel this one fits into the same category.  She is wearing a copy of the same gown that Smoldering, from last year's FR convention, had but this one is a deep indigo blue with a soft dusty rose bodice and a train.  Her carriage is so elegant and she is carrying the wreath from one of the Holiday Dynamite girls.