Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween What's On my Desk

Halloween is on Monday and I have to figure out what patterns to carve on my pumpkins.  I'm almost tempted to do a Barbie Silhouette pumpkin.  Last year I did a cute Hello Kitty one.  But while I think about that I set up a small Halloween display on my desk with my annual dolls.  Over the years I've bought many of the cute Kellys, not necessarily the Halloween ones but just the ones in different cute, costumes.  And also one older and one newer annual Halloween dolls, the basics that get released each year.  Look at the difference in their facial screening over the years.  The older one has such an innocent and soft look compared to the later one.  The little though are the cutest, especially the snail.  She was from a series of 4 little insects including a butterfly, bee and I can't remember the last one.  I know I have more little ones but I couldn't find them all.

Happy Halloween Witches and Warlocks!!

Halloween Decorating

Well Halloween is around the corner and I like to do a little decorating around the house and in the front each year.  Some years I do more, and some years like this one, I do less because the days fly by and somehow there seems to be less time to do the Martha Stewart house.  This year, I did put some skeletons and bats and spider webs outside but inside I did one display at the front entrance and I deboxed my new Halloween Hostess Barbie.  I really like her.  She has such a retro feel with her 50's hostess outfit and the pompoms on her shoes.  I love her facial screening and her glittery cats on her coat.  And the classic two pronged stand works very well to keep her upright.  I wanted to do a Thanksgiving display with my last year's Thanksgiving hostess but here in Canada Thanksgiving is Oct 10th and came the day after getting back from the Integrity Convention so I did not do a big to do. 

So here are a few pictures of my entry Halloween display featuring my newest witchy witch.

Are you invited to the Party?

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's On my Desk this Week

Well the excitement has died down a bit and I can go back to playing with some other dolls that had recently arrived.  Each one needs to be taken out and given some attention.  I was sad to not have won/gotten the Monogram centerpiece on the last night of convention but then I consoled myself by unboxing other Monogram which are equally beautiful.  They had such classic features and although some feel that they all seem to look alike, I love each of them for their individual beauty.  This grouping is Bemused, Envied and Passionate.

My poor coworkers had to look at Dawn of the Dance Monster High dolls for longer than normal as I didn't change them since convention but now finally some new eye candy, at least until I bring in a Halloween doll/dolls for next week.  I wanted to showcase them first in their original outfits before I find them something else that doesn't make them look like the Triplets.

And this one shows how I make holes in my dolls ears.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redressing New Dolls

Well, I am continuing to have fun redressing some of my new dollies.  I have to say that usually I leave dolls in their original outfits, except for a few unless they're lingerie dolls.  I don't do hair well and no makeup changes from me but I brought back a few outfits from convention and I thought I'd play.  I picked up the Go Green outfit in the shop.  I had actually loved it when I saw it at IFDC and as I looked at Air Apparent Vero, I keep seeing her in the outfit.  She reminded me of the blonde Luchia made for the 10 lucky winners at convention.  

First off, here is a pictures with my new Poppys.

Then a few shots of Vero.  She may end up being a bit of a sleeper as she is very elegant and has a beautiful expression on her face.  Her outfit has a throwback glamour to another age and her bracelet and earrings are quite nice.  Here she is in her original outfit and then Go Green.  I must say my 17 year old son did ask me which doll I had in the leprechaun outfit.

Also played abit with Essentials Day Dania.  I don't have a vampire body yet but I do like this one.  There was alot of confusion with the Day and Night monikers and when I received my 4 tkts I thought I was getting the blonde Natalia as Day when I really prefered Dania.  Luckily at the store, she turned out to be Day and I was very happy.  She has a certain look in her eye that is mysterious.
I redressed her in a cute Randall Craig dress that has a retro feel. I picked this up from Kem at the convention it's the sort of dress I would wear too. 

Who to redress tomorrow??

Musings on Convention

Yesterday I came home from work, it was a horrible rainy, windy day, and found my 2 boxes with all my convention goodies on the porch.  I was super excited as first of all I'm in Canada and the boxes were coming ground and second, I know they didn't even leave Chicago until Monday so this is very impressive. I certainly expected them to take longer to get here so I had packed only my favourite Poppys and the new Victoire to come home with me in my carry on.  As I opened the boxes and unpacked everything it brought back the wonderful memories from my first FR convention.  I meet some great, lovely people and had such an amazing time that I now have the bug and must start saving for next year.  I started today with $20 in my new convention piggy bank.

Here are some quick shots of all my loot on my dining room table.  Considering there were 38 dolls offered in total, I still made out like a bandit with 21 coming home.  The only two extras that I wanted and didn't manage to get were Evermore Vanessa and the Centerpiece Monogram.  There just wasn't any more money on the money tree.  

I ended up not buying the whole convention collection.  I kept visiting them in the shop and in the end left the Adele/Vero set, Elise and Agnes behind.  I didn't dislike them, I just liked others more.  Some of my favourites include all the Poppys and the new Darla facemold.  Also the workshop Imogen and Mission Control.  I've seem some great pictures of these.  Eugenia of course, is stunning and reminds me of some of the earlier ones and Victoire Roux.  The Dynamite Girls were also some of the best dolls this time.  I only have two but glad of that.  I think there was something for everyone there.

 And a few of the lovely table gifts I received from my table friends no #36, a shout out to our table hostess Anika who was great and welcoming and made everyone feel good.  One of my tablemates, Deborah gave us a fun, rolling suitcase so the jet set theme was complete, even if we didn't get any from IT. 

Now, since I have the day off, I will do alittle playing and redressing. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

IT Museum pictures from Convention

Had some time to unpack and catch up on the boards and the blogs and the flickrs and see everyone's wonderful pictures.  It's great to see the same things from different camera lens and perspectives.  I especially loved JennFL pictures of the party and the Mod contest.  I was in the back of the room clapping for my faves and laughing.  Also the Soul Train line was hilarious and so much fun.  I will have to wait now for my dolls to arrive as they are coming ground but I did bring my favourite Poppys with me and my new Victoire Roux home with me. 

I wanted to post the rest of my pictures, which are mostly of the museum dolls.  Alain mentioned at one point that some of them were from his personal collection.  It was also good to see the upcoming BAT dolls up close as the details are wonderful.  After the Wclub luncheon the new FR16 (former AG) and the new upcoming Christmas monograms were added to the room along with the lottery Vero which will be offered soon to W club members.

 I absolutely  love the luggage in the next few pics

It was such an amazing time and I had such a great time that I wondered why I had never done it before.  I meet some wonderful people from the boards and enjoyed myself immensely and will have to do it again, that's for sure.  Now I just have to be patient until my dollies arrive and look at everyone's else pictures.