Friday, July 15, 2011

Traveling Friends Part 3

So I've actually had to keep a small log of which doll is traveling where and with whom because at this point in the summer all my friends and coworkers are coming and going on vacations and I have all of them taking a little companion along for the ride. 

Today's pictures are brought to your from the South of France and although the little traveler is sometimes a bit blurry the scenery is lovely.  My friend is traveling along the lavender route in the south of France and stopping here and there to take a few pictures.

Here we have Gaston visiting his home country of France and enjoying alittle Cafe Creme before starting on his car tour through the south.  Vive L'France.

Ah Nice is so nice.  I can almost smell the ocean and see the people on the boardwalk taking an evening stroll.

Stayed tuned as there will be more pics from Italy tomorrow with Ciao, who has been more places than the other little ones so far and is lording it over the others.

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