Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Well I can't believe it has been almost three weeks since I last posted.  I keep telling myself that I will post once a week but the summer is moving along so fast that it's already July 10th. But I did manage to take pics of the dolls on my desk - Dead Tired Lagoona and Draculara.  They are the cutest things and have stopped traffic in the store.  Draculara even looks like one of the young girls who works at the store. 

Lagoona came with the hydrating station that I have yet to unbox  but looks kinda cool and would be especially cool if I was 15 again and had it on my night table like some lava lamp.

I love their quirky slippers, Drac's have little bag wings on them.

And one more with the Histamatic on the Iphone.

Now to see what I will bring in this week.  It's actually fun to go through my collection and look back at older dolls or the newer releases.  Even trying to fill a theme like summer or super hot, hot weather.

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