Friday, August 12, 2011

New York July 2011

Well since I went to New York for my birthday, we went again for my husband's BD.  Actually we have gone to NY for his birthday the last three years.  I LOVE NYC!!  Now that you know that we can continue.  Every time we go, I try to find new restaurants to eat in and new shops to explore, which is not very hard to do in NY.  I took a few travelling companions with me and managed to find them in all the pictures.
First off are a couple of pictures as we went to the Toronto Island airport in the early morning and can see the beautiful city coming alive behind us.

Finally we're back in Soho wandering around the streets in the heat.  Somehow, New York seems hotter than Toronto with the warm air blasting up from the streets, the sidewalks and the cars and buses going by.  Here is Auzzie saluting from a post box.  Then at Kidrobot, one of my usual haunts, I saw this great Dunny.  No little guy in the picture as I don't think you could find him anyway.  These artist Dunnys are so original and innovative.

And the first day there I took my son to see "How to Succeed in Business without really Trying" which stars Daniel Ratcliffe, (Harry Potter) and which explains the what seemed like thousands of teenage girls in the audience and John Larroquette, who I have enjoyed since watching him on TV's Night Court.  I have never been to a Broadway play and we had really good seats and loved it.  So amazing to see them so close and Daniel didn't do a bad job of singing and dancing.  The young girls loved it.

Finally some food pictures.  Once again it was Restaurant Week in NY and we had reservations at various places but we started with some seafood.  Next morning we found a breakfast diner called "Big Daddy's.  Talk about nostalgia.

To finish off the post today, Auzzie decided he wanted to pose with the Flatiron Building.  We have one here in Toronto too which is funny but none the less here he is.  I was afraid that he would fall back on the telephone box and I wouldn't be able to reach him but hubby brought him back.

More coming soon.

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