Monday, September 5, 2011

2nd Post for NYC trip

I know that it's been a few weeks since I posted but I was away on vacation (will have pictures of that soon) and then back to work.  It astonishes me that every summer seems to go by faster than the last one and now here we are on Labour Day and school starts tomorrow and fall is creeping around the corner.  Even with the hot, hot days we had this year, I still want to keep it going for abit longer. 

But I did want to post a few more pictures from my July trip to NYC.

 This is actually a beautiful, soulful, statue that was temporarily put in Union Square Park done by a Spanish artist.  No little people in site but I kept taking pictures of this girl.  He said he was inspired by a young girl in Barcelona.
Next one of the ticket booth at Grand Central Station.

We were in the Meatpacking area and made a pit stop at The STandard Grill, as it was just too hot to walk around anywhere and we needed refreshments.  They had a rather large clown toy in the front and I had to pose one of the Lalaloopsys there.  She is rather lost on his foot.

One quick shot from the pool of the Hotel Gansavoort Park Avenue where we stayed.

A few from Washington Square Park on a day when people were frolicking in the fountain even though signs say you can't. 

WE had to try out the new Beer Garden at the top of Eataly as it had just opened.  A very cool spot accessed through an elevator in the store/restarant on the 14th floor. 

And finally on this post, we went to see the second part of the High Line which had recently opened and which would take us to 30th.  A great way to go for a stroll and look out on the Hudson, people's apartments and the neighbourhood. 

 Finally had to stop for some lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar.  Really enjoyed this place as I had meant to eat there on previous visits and had never made it.  The cowboy decided to menace all the noodles in the place.

More coming up in a minute.

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