Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas on my Desk

It is hard to believe how fast the days are going by.  I started to decorate for Christmas two weeks ago but I kept stopping and so today I finally finished the tree and the house.  Now to write out the Christmas cards which seem to shrink each year as I lose older relatives and family friends.  Yet I have my Glee Christmas playing loud and I love the way everywhere you go the lights shine out and you can look into people's windows as you walk by in the night and see their beautiful trees. 

I had to put a doll on my desk to start off the holiday season and so I picked one of my Monograms.  Unfortunately I cannot remember her name as they don't have real names, mostly descriptions and adjectives and they are harder to remember then proper names.  I did not order this last batch of holiday Monograms as I feel this one fits into the same category.  She is wearing a copy of the same gown that Smoldering, from last year's FR convention, had but this one is a deep indigo blue with a soft dusty rose bodice and a train.  Her carriage is so elegant and she is carrying the wreath from one of the Holiday Dynamite girls.

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