Sunday, January 8, 2012

Frankie Stein's Turn

Following my pictures of Draculaura and Ghoulia, I continue with Frankie Stein.  She has had 9 incarnations so far, of which I have 6 of them.  (Drac has 8 and Ghoulia 7 so far).  I do not have the Black and White Comic Con girl, the 2.0 Wave and now the other black and white skull shores version, that may or may not be a dealer exclusive but that for sure, I will not paid sky high prices o ebay for.

The first and original Frankie

 The girls with the red lips,

The Party girls

 Love how all the dolls have different variations of the black and white hair.  I tend to like more black than white but when you have them all together you have many versions.
 Hanging out on the couch.  Pink overload. Sorry for the poster in the back.  I was playing with light in the kitchen.
 There is something to be said for blue lips.

 The Gloom Beach/Dead Tired girls which I will redress in some of the other extra outfits that I've found.

 Now how did that get in here!!  Maleficent wanted to get into the blue/green skin action and felt that she deserved to be included so here she is!  Who's going to argue with her?

 Next up is Cleo!


  1. I have 1 Frankie and I believe she is the Home Ick. That Maleficent is too cute. What kind of doll is she?

    1. Hello Anika, thank you for the comments, the Maleficent is by a company called Funko which has Disney characters, Superheroes, even rap stars in their line up. Check them out.


  2. Hi! New follower here!!!
    I mean, you've got Monster High and Lalaloopsy on the first page I see of your blog? Of course I have to follow XD I'm just starting a doll blog myself, so I'm out looking for really great doll blogs to follow :) Thanks so much for being one of them!

  3. Hello Heather, Welcome to the world of blogging. I collect all sorts of dolls but lately am loving my Monster High and Lalas. Keep checking in as I have new pictures to post soon.