Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ghoulia Yelps takes some Pictures

Well, I'm hoping to continue to photograph my MH collection and as I was home from work today and it is bitterly cold out there, I decided to continue with Ghoulia.  To be quite honest, I am not sure which of these girls are my favourite but I do have a soft spot for Ghoulia.  I love coloured hair, and she has the coolest collection of glasses out there.  Zombie or not she rocks it... I am missing the Gloom Beach edition, as there is no Target here in Canada yet and as I have the other girls, it seemed pointless to buy them again to get one doll and also I did not get the San Diego Comic Con Deadfast version.  I have the School Activities outfit which does include a little deadfast character and a comic book as well. 

 The Original Ghoul

Home Ick and her Dodgeball,

Dead Tired, again one of the prettiest versions,

Newest girl, Skull Shores with her little coconut brain drink,

 Tried to show her cute flip from the side.  These girls have so much hair.
Now the Fearleading Squads Number One fan...

Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia in her party frock and masses of blue hair. 

 Dead Tired changed into the Club/School Activities outfit with yet more glasses, this time in green.

 Close up without the glasses.  (sorry for the stray hair)
She has one other outfit, the second one that comes with Home Ick but I will have to try it on her at a later date.

Who shall come next?

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