Thursday, March 29, 2012

What was on my Desk Last Week

When Integrity surprised us with the early spring line up, I, like many of us, had to place an order with my dealer but I did have to decide what to pick and choose.  The tall girls are out, as I really don't have any room for them but I did fall in love the all the Poppys, regular and Sabrina, and the Monograms.  They just keep getting better and better.  Usually, I also order the Nufantasy dolls but for some reason Gretel and Hansel weren't speaking to me this time.  I have all the other Liliths and Edens and all the Kumis, although I am missing all the Yuris.  The pictures that others have posted of Gretel are beautiful but I don't actually regret not getting her, a first probably for me.  Also, I only picked one Monogram, Admiration, which has not come out yet but when I started to see the pictures of Inspiration, I had to add her to the bunch.  (Allure is also starting to call my name but with the unveiling of the FR collection this Saturday, she may have to continue to call).

When Inspiration arrived I knew I hadn't made a mistake.  She is stunning with the face colour, hair colour, the jewels and the pale aqua colour of her dress and shoes and handbag.  Having her on my desk this week has been inspiring.  Now I know that Spring has sprung, as they say.

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