Monday, April 11, 2011

Off for Tea in England

Well,  I wanted to buy some more of the Little big Planet dolls but couldn't find anymore where I usually shop so I ended up buying a whole box on ebay and it came two days later.  There are 12 World characters representing countries like Italy, England, Spain, India etc including the Aussie and Ciao girl I already had. So I got one of each character and I decided to keep taking pictures wherever I go.  Also, some of my coworkers who are travelleing are letting the little ones explore with them.  So this week, two friends landed in London for the week and so far Little Lord England has been having a great blast it seems.

Nothing like starting the day with a bus tour and coffee.

Big bus for such a little guy.  Next he went off to see Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen and while there the wind picked up and he lost his crown. 

Someone is not amused.  Anyway, it turns out that a nice guard with a rifle helped save the Crown Jewels, and a cold head, from the elements.

I can't wait to see where his adventures take him tomorrow.

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