Monday, April 25, 2011

Off to New York

Well, I had a week off so hubby and I decided to head to New York for a few days and had to bring along some of my new friends, Ciao, Loli, Chad the cowboy and Peony.  Weather wasn't so hot with rain on most of the days, especially Saturday and even when the sun came out it was still cool.  I feel like Spring will never get here.  In Toronto, we have already had the usual amount of rain for the whole of April and we're not finished yet.  Still,  I'm not complaining to be in New York in April and seeing the trees in bloom and finding yet another wonderful restaurant to eat out in.

Here are Ciao and Loli in Chelsea Market.  Actually because it was Easter Week and I believe some sort of school Spring Break, the city was full of European tourists from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England and even Norway and Sweden.  We meet people everywhere we went during the week. 

 First night's dinner was at The Spotted Pig, an April Bloomfield gastropub which was full quickly and had great food.  Tight surroundings and I think that they forgot our main but since they compted some drinks and we were in no hurry to go anywhere, we enjoyed ourselves. 

 Great window at the Christian Louboutin store on the way back to the hotel from the resto.  Small jewel of a boutique with his signature openings in the walls.  I felt like I was in the Barbie Louboutin Shoe Box.

Off to Niketown the next day uptown and had to pose Ciao and Loli in the giant Free running shoe in the Lobby.  Even dolls can be health conscious these days.  I bought a new pair of Frees because there was a $60 difference between the prices here and there.  Which is crazy as the dollar here is at Par with the US $. 

A beautiful picture of the Tiffany windows at 5th and 57th.  They created a large Trompe D'Oeil on the walls and I had to pose Ciao in the actualy small window with the clouds behind her. Crowds were crazy around here and there were people everywhere.

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