Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Since I have a large doll collection I decided last year that I should bring in one or two dolls every week and have them on my desk as that way I can at least enjoy up close some of my collection.  Sometimes they get lost in the larger scope of the collection.  So I thought that I can post what I have on my desk that week in between the "adventures of the Sack people".

Last week I had the new FR2 Flawless Elise.  She is lovely to look at and has a wonderful asymmetrical black dress on and amazing yellow shoes which I don't think I photographed and  an emerald green clutch.  I broke one of her earrings putting them on and will have to fix them but for now here she is..

I'll post the next doll on Monday when I change the display. (I think I've been in retail too long!)

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