Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Well, I had to tear myself away from my Plants vs Zombies game which is so, so addictive.  I say I'll only go on for a game or two and then an hour has passed.  I have it on my iphone, my ipad and now my computer which is a fuller game and I have just discovered the ZEn garden with plants.  I know which garden I'll be tending when the weather is bag outside.

Anyway, back to my weekly posting of "What's on my desk".  Continuing with finding older dolls that have not been getting much love lately so I found my Eugenia in her wonderful spring outfit and off to work she came with me.  I love the pastels in this outfit although they don't photograph so well on the desk she brings a smile to my face when I look over at her.


  1. I can see how this bright outfit would cheer you up while you are at work. Eugenia looks great in it, too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Dana for the lovely comment. It is nice tohave something other than work to look at on the desk.