Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Back to Back What's On My Desk this week

I can't believe that it's almost the end of November.  What is happening to the time.  It seemed like it was just October and now we are a few days away from December.  Being in retail, the days are starting to fly by as we get busier and busier for the season.  I also have started slowly to decorate the house with outside lights and the tree going up this week. Less than a month to go for Christmas.

As for my dolls at work, I am posting two weeks, last week and this week.  I had received the first of the Breakfast at Tiffany's Integrity dolls.  I think that the outfit is amazing.  The details and the work on the dress are lovely and I think the poor BAT doll is not getting enough love on most of the boards.  The rest of the collection has been pushed back to end of the year, January and one even in February.  Eventually,  I will probably sell of some of the bodies but the clothes are keepers and will work on Poppys.

She made quite a difference on my desk from the Monster High girls before her.

 These are the box graphics, a wonderful pink/fuchsia colour with very nice graphics on the back.

A close up of the details in the dress.

One more for good measure.  One thing to note, is that I thought her foot, the new heel, would move but it is static. 

Yesterday, I posed my newest Colour Infusion girls on the desk.  These are my kind of girls, not afraid of colour or over doing it.  These girls use the Misaki Amelie mold but with saturated colours and a general mash up.  I keep changing my faves between the two.  They come with a large amount of accessories - sunglasses, purses, earrings, a multitude of bracelets, necklaces (on one of them), fur muffs, wicked shoes and all around great sense of style.  I love the "colour Infusion" as the name implies and i had great fun posing them.

Without the fur, as the weather is unseasonably warm here so far. (sorry about office stuff in the picture, but everytime I try to crop I have problems )

Some close ups of their faces.

 She comes with a great ring but the close up is blurry.  These girls are rocking the bling.

So off to get ready for work now.  It's raining and generally miserable but I have something to look forward to when I get there. 

Happy Tuesday to all!

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