Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's on My Desk post Halloween

Well Halloween came and went and I just finished putting away the decorations.  I like to leave them up for about a week.  It takes time and effort to put them up and carve pumpkins so I look at them for abit.  But everything went away till next year.  Soon Christmas decorating, my favourite.

Anyway, I did take in to work some more Monster High dollies.  With them, everyday can be Halloweenish.  I am so in love with these dolls right now  and really enjoying playing with them.  I had found Spectra when I was on vacation in Spain and finally found Abby here at Zellers.  They ended up having a big display that featured all the 2.0 generations and many Spectras and Abbys.  I must have looked at all the faces before picking one, some had too much glitter, some not enough and mine had just enough for me.  Now I can't find them anywhere in the city.

Here's a quick picture of the display at the time.

So here are my number one girl Frankie and the two newest additions to the MH family being spooky at work.

And some fun shots with my Hipstamatic. 

 Till next week.

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  1. Love the display. I only seem to have love for Ghoulia at this point. I love looking at all the MH pics