Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween What's On my Desk

Halloween is on Monday and I have to figure out what patterns to carve on my pumpkins.  I'm almost tempted to do a Barbie Silhouette pumpkin.  Last year I did a cute Hello Kitty one.  But while I think about that I set up a small Halloween display on my desk with my annual dolls.  Over the years I've bought many of the cute Kellys, not necessarily the Halloween ones but just the ones in different cute, costumes.  And also one older and one newer annual Halloween dolls, the basics that get released each year.  Look at the difference in their facial screening over the years.  The older one has such an innocent and soft look compared to the later one.  The little though are the cutest, especially the snail.  She was from a series of 4 little insects including a butterfly, bee and I can't remember the last one.  I know I have more little ones but I couldn't find them all.

Happy Halloween Witches and Warlocks!!

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