Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Fifth Day continued...

Well, on the Fifth day my true love gave to me five golden dolls....
I spent the day looking at the different dolls, deboxing some that were still in their cages and realizing that I had more than 5 favourites, 10 at least but I weeded them down to 5 so here they are:

In the FR category, I picked Truly, Madly, Deeply Agnes.  I have only two Agnes in my collection, a woeful representation of such a Diva, but for some reason they elude me.  My favourite is actually Regal Estate Agnes and even last year at convention, I managed to miss getting one of the heads.  This year's Webinar offering though has the snotty look and the interesting wardrobe to remedy my loss.  I love both the chartreuse dress and the Valentino copy suit.  The jewellery, especially the cuff is wonderful and I would wear in big size. 

In the Nu face category, I was stuck between Rocking Ever After Lillith and Frame by Frame Imogen.  I have the other Imogens and I have liked this sculpt since she came out but this doll has a subtle, simple, elegant look to her.  She turned out to be a great convention doll for me.  She really is a Miami girl.  The turquoise jewellery stands out beautifully with her tan complexion.

My Poppy turned out to be Sea Breeze, the table centerpiece at the Luncheon and this makes two for two centerpieces at my two conventions.  I adore Poppy and except for a few girls, have them all since the beginning.  She reminds me of my love for Vintage Barbie and the time that I love in fashion.  I was a child of the 70's, which is not a wonderful fashion time, but she harkens to a more favourable clothing time.  Plus who doesn't love clam diggers with seahorses on them.

For Victoire, I luckily have all the releases so far and I love them all but I had to pick one so - Place Vendôme it is.  As I was unpacking her today to take pictures, I realized that she is missing her earrings and pearl choker.  This is the first time that I have missed something from my FR boxes, but I made do with some other earrings and I guess I will email patient care about another set.  I should have checked while at the hotel.  Anyway, she fits in nicely with my gowned Silkies and that 40's, 50's glamour girls.

Lastly, I had to include one Silkie as this year was wonderful in the selections and I ended up getting all 5 girls.  Last year, with the Russian theme, I sat on the fence too long and missed out on all of them except for Darla, but this year I made sure to get them before they sold out and 3 out of the 5 did. Her pale yellow gown is diaphanous and the red hair is perfect with it.  The grey accents just lend a sophisticated air to the whole look and she rounds out the 5.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your five favorite dolls. For me it is very difficult to choose. I think my favorite is Poppy because I have none in my collection. Happy Year! We keep in touch in 2013.

    1. it is always difficult to narrow it down to just a few when there are so many lovely ones. You must get at least one Poppy as they just make you happy. Thank you Marta.

  2. What a lovely top 5! I really love your choices. I haven't purchased a silkstone in a couple years, but this one was calling my name. I keep trying to turn a deaf ear to her.