Friday, December 28, 2012

On the third Day of Christmas...

On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me Three French Hens.  No, I'm not Martha Stewart so I don't have three french hens pecking around so I will post Three New Pictures of my Poppys.  Yesterday I spent some time deboxing some of the dolls that came throughout the year, both from my dealers and from the W club.  It was like Poppypalozza here.  I love all my dolls but I think that I especially love the Poppys. 

The Happening in all her grooveness, (I know it's not really a word) and She's Not There who is very Twiggiyish.  I know some people didn't like her eyes, or the fact that she didn't look exactly as her promo shots did, but she is charming and elfish to me. 

The tanned beauty known as Sweet Confection from last year.  She is finally free from her box.  

The two Club dolls this year - Dream Teen, the upgrade doll and Lilac Frost, the club offering.  Both are terrific, but DT has the facial screening that I prefer in my Poppys.  Playing with them certainly brightened up the day yesterday, where we had our first significant snowfall of the year. 

Till tomorrow!!


  1. ello from Spain: I love the Poppys. They are always the most elegant. Nice pictures! Keep in touch

    1. Hola Marta, thank you so much for stopping by. I was having fun de boxing the dolls the other day.


  2. I completely missed "She's Not There". I am in the minority, in that I didn't like the promo photos and loved the final production doll! But then it was too late. I am patiently waiting for someone to sell her at less than double retail. I may be waiting a VERY LOOONNNNGGG time.