Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to Vancouver May 2011

While I was off to Vancouver for a business trip and I picked two of my little helpers to go with me - Ichi and Gaston (Japan and France) from my Little Big Planet characters.  There was some jostling among them to see who would go but I'm trying to rotate them around.  

The weather as is often the case was rainy and not so warm.  I left Toronto, which is about 10 to 15 days late in the season, hoping for better weather but it was about the same.  On the way to work I stopped at the fountain outside the Vancouver Art Gallery and took a few shots.  The bottom mosaic is lovely with shades of blues and shots of gold running through it.

I loved to pose the dolls around different art around the city such as the next one... Ichi in Space

 What I loved was the great selection of street meat trucks around the city.  I know many cities have wonderful choices in street meat but here in Toronto we are pretty much limited to hot dogs and hot dogs.  The city has tried to experiment with different food trunks but either the food wasn't good or they hid the trucks where they didn't have proper exposure.  They are still working on it but here I found some great food.  I had the Oyster Po Boy sandwich and it was amazing.

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