Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's on my desk this week

Actually this is what was on my desk last week as I have been delayed in posting the last week or so.  It was a crazy week at work and the days flew by so I am posting this now.  Last week I took in some of my Monster High dolls.  They have been so slow coming into Canada with most of them arriving in the last few months.  But i was in New York and found Goulia and picked her up at Fao Schwartz.  Now I am waiting on some of the new characters.  They really are a fun bunch which breaks up the Fashion Royaltys and the Silkstones which usually come with me to work.

So here are Cleo and Goulia,

So now I have the original group, the Dawn of the Dance dolls and the Gloom Beach grouping. But most of the accessories haven't reached us here.  Waiting on the news ones eagerly.

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