Monday, May 16, 2011

Food pictures from Joe Forte's

Had dinner with my team in Vancouver at Joe Forte's which has been around since 1985, I think, and has as do all the restaurants in Vancouver, amazing fresh seafood and fish.  We ordered three large seafood towers and they came loaded with lobster, crab, alaskan king crab, oysters and shrimps.  By the time I got around to take the picture, we had demolished much of the tower.

Finally it was time to come back home and here we are at the airport getting ready to fly...

And one last parting shot of some of the best cream puffs I've ever had from Beard Papa's, which has just opened in Toronto in Pacific Mall but here they were near my hotel...


  1. Eeeeeee!!! I first had a taste of Beard Papa's in Japan a couple of months ago and their cream puffs were the bomb! I didn't know it's now in Pacific mall! I must go there for a visit maybe next week! Thanks for the info!

  2. Thank you again TM, they were simply marvelous and so fresh. I too have to make my way up to Pacific mall to join the line ups!!

  3. Alaskan king crab and crab ... ooohhhh! I wanna visit Vancouver now. Ohhhhh ... sounds yummy. Lovely photos ;-D

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Dana, it really was some of the freshest alaskan crab i've had in a while. But the sesfood in Vancouver is tops.