Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Vacation Shots

Well I have been from vaca now for a week and a half and finally had time to download my pics from my phone and settle back into the everyday schedule of work, figuring out dinner, laundry etc, etc.  We went to Spain for two weeks starting just outside of Malaga in the south and then heading up to Barcelona for the second week.  I have been to Spain many times, my background is Spanish although I was born here in Toronto, but we travelled many years to Spain to visit family and explore.  I had never been to Barcelona before and so was very excited about exploring the city.  Having seen it now, I have to go back as there wasn't enough time to see and do everything I wanted to see and do.  The city has such a wonderful youthful vibe and a great energy that I loved.

Of course I took along a few small friends to share the adventure.  We started off by staying at my mom's house outside of Malaga, along the Costa del Sol. 

The Lalas had fun on Mom's giant Cactus, the south is very dry and has little rainfall so there are giant palm trees and many cacti everywhere.  Also they enjoyed the colours of her Bougainvillaea plants.  She has wonderful Oleanders and Hibiscus, Lemon trees, poinsetta trees and Cypress trees.

The wonderful thing is that she is across the street for the beach and so off we went...

You can't forget your umbrella.  Some families are down there the whole day with entire caravans of stuff but we often went down late in the afternoon, after siesta, and relaxed for a few hours.  The girls brought their own sunshade.

The week we were there was also the Feria time, which takes place once a year and includes day and night ferias and rides, food, bullfighting and shows.  Here is one quick picture of the decoration at the beginning of the closed Paseo and one of Loli and Gaston hanging out at the Quitapenas Tapas bar.  Quitapenas means Lose your Sorrows.  Salud.

Will post more soon!
Adios for now!

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