Monday, September 5, 2011

Caribana Events

Here in Toronto, we have the annual Caribana Parade that takes place first weekend in August and various events leading up to it.  This is a Caribbean celebration that has been taking place for over 40 years and involves floats, mas bands that prepare for a whole year and steel pan bands.  My son has been playing in a steel band called Pan Vibrations since grade 3 and every year they participate in the Caribana parade as well as the Pan Alive competition the night before.  Three years ago I helped out with the parade and managed to shatter my knee cap in a weird accident so I have stayed away  for the last few years but I still go to cheer for them at the Pan Alive event.  I helped to lug around pans while they set up for the performance.  So I took along a few helpers...

 But for sheer colour and plumage I would have to go back to the parade and take shots of the wonderful mas bands and the colourful kings and queens of the parade. That's for another year.

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