Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's on my desk this week

I interrupt the posting of vacation shots to show you what's on my desk this week.  I am trying to go between new dolls and older dolls that need some love so this week some newer Dynamite Girls including the super cute Auden and his companion today Rufus.  They give off such an 80's Club vibe that it brings back memories.

Auden has a very pale colour and blue eyes that pop.  Love the striped pants as well. Wonderful coordinates on him and for her, I love the blue hair and the blue nail polish.  Freckles and such a cute look on her face.  The tshirt is my favourite part of her look. I didn't get any of the other dolls from this grouping as these were the two I liked the most but having seen others pictures when they came out,  I did miss Aria as well.

Wonder what I will pick for this week?

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