Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back Home from Paris

Well, back from Paris and sitting here typing surrounded by a whiteout type of winter snowstorm.  The wind is blowing all the snow around and we have a wind chill so what better place to be than home with a warm cup of coffee and looking at pictures of my recent trip.  I spent some time uploading some of them to Flickr and updating things.

As we left Toronto, we had snow but I certainly didn't expect snow when I landed in Paris, but they had had a snow fall so it was very pretty.  Thankfully, I had boots with me as they are not as equipped to deal with the snow.  They don't shovel the sidewalks so the snow just melts on its own.  I saw one poor lady taking the snow off her car with a cardboard box.  By mid week it had melted but i managed to take a few pictures.

Everyone at the Tuileries on Sunday for a walk in the snow

As usual I took along a few, well 5, Mini Lalaloopsies with me.  I ended up with 5 in similar colours, all in pinks, reds and whites.  They had quite a time...

Getting on the plane in Toronto

The plane
At the Palais Royale in Paris

Having tea and dessert at Hediard
When the Saturday rolled around I was still at work when the Webinar started with some of the FR unveiling.  I managed to get on and was listening to the designers and Carol but I was sucking up the last of my data plan and I had missed the beginning although for me I came just in time for the Funny Face line.  I didn't even know what I had missed.  When my data ran out I had to disconnect and as soon as I got to my hotel room, I got on the wifi and saw what I had missed.  The emails started soon after and I was over the moon over the gift sets from Funny Face.  Others have posted much better reviews but I was very happy with the offerings.  I was even tempted by the Tullabelle dolls.  I just don't want to get into the 16in girls if I can help it.  I do have 4 AGs from earlier but that's enough. 
I hope that everyone was able to find everything they wanted with somewhat minimal stress. 

One last picture from my rooftop...