Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

On the Eighth day of Christmas, I thought I would post some Monster High CAM that I finished in the summer after buying the torsos on  I know these are playline but I think that they would be more fun even for kids if they came with torsos already.  Anyway, as soon as I got my two packs, I made all of the missing torso dolls and posed them on my deck.  Not great pictures but I certainly had fun with them.  The neighbours were looking over a few times wondering what I was doing. 

Of course, now I need more shoes for these girls.

Till tomorrow.


  1. Hello from Spain: I also I have a Monster High. This collection is very original. Keep in touch

  2. They are alot of fun aren't they. It's fun to find some of these dolls without going crazy like with some of the collector dolls.


  3. These Monster High dolls appeal to the creativity in us - it's sometimes fun to just play!