Saturday, January 5, 2013

On the Tenth and Eleventh Day....

Yesterday flew by before I realized that I hadn't posted a Tenth day of Christmas picture so here we will have two, one for yesterday and one for today.  I just came back from a quick shopping trip for Christmas organizers but as you all know, there is no such thing as a quick trip without peaking into the doll sections of TRU and Winners and certainly Walmart to see what's new.  And actually there were a few new things at Tru such as the Mini Lalaloopsy Little Sisters, Sew Snowy Globes and the Princess LalaOopsies.  They also finally received the I love Fashion sets with Frankie and Abbey.  I spotted these sets originally in New York in July and we have just received them here in Toronto.  They had the Dance Class Monster Highs as well and so did Walmart but the shelves were pretty bare so far.  I'm sure that new merchandise will come in soon.  I was very good and did not buy anything except the Christmas organizer that I went to get in the first place.

For the Tenth day I will post one more of my CAM ghouls while I wait for the new ones to appear up here - Blob and Ice girl and Mummy and Gorgon.  There are 10 ghouls in the picture at least.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me....My first delivery of the new year.  I bought these last year and thought they would make it in time for Christmas but now they make it in time for Epiphany and  Los Reyes Magos.   Scaris ghouls - Clawdeen and Frankie.  I am really liking this Frankie. 

Lovely girl but the hair is a hot mess.  Hopefully some hair ghoul in Scaris can fix it for her. 

Till tomorrow....


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I hope your Three Kings give away many dolls ... Keep in touch

    1. It was a good day today and I hope that the Three Kings were generous with you as well.