Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Going to Convention

Well here I am wondering if I have forgotten to pack something as I am off to the Jet Set Convention in Chicago for the first time.  I am super excited but I keep going over everything in my head to make that I have everything and that I left everything at work done and so on and so on. 
  1. Suitcase
  2. Table Gifts
  3. MONEY
Anyway, I want to post one last shot of what's on my desk this week and hopefully I will be able to post to the blog while i'm there, never sure with older computers and hotel wifi what will happen.

 These cuties are on my desk this week.  I finally found the Dawn of the Dance Draculara and couldn't resist.  I ended up giving one of my coworkers the Clawdeen because I had a repeat but they do brighten up my day.

And who can resist their shoes...

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

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