Monday, October 10, 2011

IT Museum pictures from Convention

Had some time to unpack and catch up on the boards and the blogs and the flickrs and see everyone's wonderful pictures.  It's great to see the same things from different camera lens and perspectives.  I especially loved JennFL pictures of the party and the Mod contest.  I was in the back of the room clapping for my faves and laughing.  Also the Soul Train line was hilarious and so much fun.  I will have to wait now for my dolls to arrive as they are coming ground but I did bring my favourite Poppys with me and my new Victoire Roux home with me. 

I wanted to post the rest of my pictures, which are mostly of the museum dolls.  Alain mentioned at one point that some of them were from his personal collection.  It was also good to see the upcoming BAT dolls up close as the details are wonderful.  After the Wclub luncheon the new FR16 (former AG) and the new upcoming Christmas monograms were added to the room along with the lottery Vero which will be offered soon to W club members.

 I absolutely  love the luggage in the next few pics

It was such an amazing time and I had such a great time that I wondered why I had never done it before.  I meet some wonderful people from the boards and enjoyed myself immensely and will have to do it again, that's for sure.  Now I just have to be patient until my dollies arrive and look at everyone's else pictures.

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