Saturday, October 8, 2011

Convention Day 3

Well we have come to the last day of the convention.  The days are so full and busy and yet they flew by and here we are at Saturday. 

I had a 9am workshop with Alain on Flocking so after signing in I went for a quick breakfast first passing people everywhere waiting for either the Souvenir Shop to open, probably to see what would be left from the 6 prototype direct IT exclusives that we were offered the day before with coupons, or waiting for the design a doll to open as left over dolls would be sold.  I had only signed up for 2 and after seeing all 8 of them I wish I had picked more, at least 4.  It was hard to choose from all the great heads.  I knew I would be taking my chances because after the 9am class I was going to Steven Fraser's fashion illustration which would get out at 11am just as the Dynamite Girls room would be closing and sure enough there were no dollies.  Still some great outfits and accessories but no dollies.

I will be posting some great of Alain's class after I come back from the W Club Luncheon where I am of to now.  Till later. 

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