Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day one Registration

Just came back to my room quickly after having eaten breakfast, quite good, and registered.  I was afraid it would be crazy but all seems to be well prepared.  There is someone here with almost the same name so I received the wrong package at first but realized while I was signing on for a dinner table.  Since this is my first time, I was super excited about all the extra goodies in my welcome bag:

  1. The Empty FR box which will be filled throughout the event.  Most exciting.
  2. A travel bag for your special doll and room for a camera
  3. A survival pouch which includes a pair of doll shoes, as opposed to ones for my tootsies
  4. Doll combs from Azone in sherbet colours
  5. All my coupons and schedules

Also took a few pictures with my travel dolls, my minis, posing on wall artwork that looks like curling bricks in different sizes.

Now I'm off to do some shopping.

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