Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Day of Convention

Well here I am in the hotel room early having a sip of coffee, I love when rooms have small coffee makers, and eating a banana that didn't look very pretty from travelling in my purse.  My husband and I arrived yesterday afternoon after leaving Toronto on a beautiful, sunny, warm fall day and after a short flight arriving in Chicago on a even more beautiful, sunny, warmer fall day.  It was around 82 when we landed.  We had to travel by taxi to the hotel which was almost as long as the plane ride but the changing trees on the way and the warm air coming from the window were pleasant distractions. 

We finally arrived at the lovely Renaissance Schaumburg and checked into our 10th floor room with a view of the busy highway.  The hotel is very pretty and has some nice touches in the common areas.  Right away I took note of the Room Sales Boards and some of the rooms that I wanted to visit.  There were 4 alone on our floor.  I also had to plan a visit to Denise's Misaki/Japanese Room where she had some lovely dolls available.  The decisions keep coming as do I buy something right away or keep checking because I don't know what I'll find in the other rooms.

Hubby and I ended up having dinner near the Woodfield Mall at  Shaw's Crab House where we just arrived in time to take advantage of the Half price Oysters before 6 pm and had some great seafood.  Afterwards, being using to finding cabs anywhere, we wandered around abit outside before realizing that we seemed to be the only ones walking around and then had to figure out a way to get back to the hotel as there wasn't even a taxi stand.  This is definitely car country.  We finally called a taxi back from the hotel who fetched us from the Whole foods where we ended up finding some nice wine to bring back to the hotel with some goodies.

Now I am going to get ready to register.  It opened at 7am but I'm sure there will be many guests down there already.  The morning has dawned with bright sunshine and excitement.   Here are a couple of quick shots of the fireplace and some setting areas in the hotel.

More to come later.

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