Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's On my Desk this Week

Well the excitement has died down a bit and I can go back to playing with some other dolls that had recently arrived.  Each one needs to be taken out and given some attention.  I was sad to not have won/gotten the Monogram centerpiece on the last night of convention but then I consoled myself by unboxing other Monogram which are equally beautiful.  They had such classic features and although some feel that they all seem to look alike, I love each of them for their individual beauty.  This grouping is Bemused, Envied and Passionate.

My poor coworkers had to look at Dawn of the Dance Monster High dolls for longer than normal as I didn't change them since convention but now finally some new eye candy, at least until I bring in a Halloween doll/dolls for next week.  I wanted to showcase them first in their original outfits before I find them something else that doesn't make them look like the Triplets.

And this one shows how I make holes in my dolls ears.

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