Saturday, October 8, 2011

More News from Jet Set Day 3

Wow, what a busy day till now.  I am decompressing before the last dinner and the last dollie gift.  I feel overwhelmed with all the amazing gifts that we have been given and the new people I have met.  Integrity has been super generous with the goodies and I am wrapping my head about how I'm going to pack all of this.  Also I have had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people for all over the globe and enjoy many activities.  Even waiting in line passes easily making new friends.  The days have flown by.

A few pictures from last night's dinner and Pucci party.  I didn't take any incriminating pictures at the party, although I'm sure many will surface in the next few days but it was hoot and some people had some great and inventive costumes.

This is my table hostess with the mostess, Anika at table 36.  Shout out to you girl!!

 The table center piece Erin.  It's getting so it's harder and harder to tell the sculpts apart.

Two quick pictures, from the back only, of Franklin and Daniel in costume for the party.  Daniel won the male 1st prize later that night.

This morning at 9am I had Alain's Flocking class and this was by far my favourite of my workshops.  He had a great presentation, samples, spoke easily and was funny and informative.  He then gave us all on hand demos of the process and even flocked some our personal dolls.  One girl gave him a mini Lalaloopsy to flock and it looked so cute that I quickly pulled out one of mine that I travel with and he tried a little experiment.  Here are some pictures of his personal collection and some of him working.  Sorry that there are no great closeups but I've been trying to take all my pictures with my iphone and don't have a zoom app yet.

Now she looks like she's wearing little fur pompoms in her hair.  Love it!!

Then I went next door to Steven Fraser of Dressmakers Details workshop for Fashion Illustrations.  Now, I am not a very good drawer but this was fun and we had some sheets to work on and practice. 

Then after a quick dash to the room to drop things off, came the W club Luncheon where we had an envelope with our name at the entrance.  Mystery!  Then at our table was the FR2 centerpiece, Tatyana on a FR body and looking very fresh and summery in a tangerine dress with black accents, a straw hat and some lovely jewellery.  Carol Roth came out to tell us that 6 people at the table would get the chance to get here and we picked some numbers.  I was lucky in this and happy to get here because Tatyana is not a face mold I have yet. 

Then Carol asked and answered some questions and one was about seeing the classic Vanessa face again and lo and behold, a picture popped up of a classic Vanessa on an FR2 body and the crowd loved it.  We all had the opportunity to get this wonderful doll as well.  Some quick pictures from the table unveiling.

Then Vaughn, Alain, and Jason joined Carol for some Q & A and some unveiling of upcoming dolls which I will post later from the museum.  Also the new Veronique in a similar style to this Vanessa which will be offered by lottery later on by the Club.  She has the same dress in a purple colour

More later after dinner. 

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