Thursday, October 13, 2011

Musings on Convention

Yesterday I came home from work, it was a horrible rainy, windy day, and found my 2 boxes with all my convention goodies on the porch.  I was super excited as first of all I'm in Canada and the boxes were coming ground and second, I know they didn't even leave Chicago until Monday so this is very impressive. I certainly expected them to take longer to get here so I had packed only my favourite Poppys and the new Victoire to come home with me in my carry on.  As I opened the boxes and unpacked everything it brought back the wonderful memories from my first FR convention.  I meet some great, lovely people and had such an amazing time that I now have the bug and must start saving for next year.  I started today with $20 in my new convention piggy bank.

Here are some quick shots of all my loot on my dining room table.  Considering there were 38 dolls offered in total, I still made out like a bandit with 21 coming home.  The only two extras that I wanted and didn't manage to get were Evermore Vanessa and the Centerpiece Monogram.  There just wasn't any more money on the money tree.  

I ended up not buying the whole convention collection.  I kept visiting them in the shop and in the end left the Adele/Vero set, Elise and Agnes behind.  I didn't dislike them, I just liked others more.  Some of my favourites include all the Poppys and the new Darla facemold.  Also the workshop Imogen and Mission Control.  I've seem some great pictures of these.  Eugenia of course, is stunning and reminds me of some of the earlier ones and Victoire Roux.  The Dynamite Girls were also some of the best dolls this time.  I only have two but glad of that.  I think there was something for everyone there.

 And a few of the lovely table gifts I received from my table friends no #36, a shout out to our table hostess Anika who was great and welcoming and made everyone feel good.  One of my tablemates, Deborah gave us a fun, rolling suitcase so the jet set theme was complete, even if we didn't get any from IT. 

Now, since I have the day off, I will do alittle playing and redressing. 

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