Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redressing New Dolls

Well, I am continuing to have fun redressing some of my new dollies.  I have to say that usually I leave dolls in their original outfits, except for a few unless they're lingerie dolls.  I don't do hair well and no makeup changes from me but I brought back a few outfits from convention and I thought I'd play.  I picked up the Go Green outfit in the shop.  I had actually loved it when I saw it at IFDC and as I looked at Air Apparent Vero, I keep seeing her in the outfit.  She reminded me of the blonde Luchia made for the 10 lucky winners at convention.  

First off, here is a pictures with my new Poppys.

Then a few shots of Vero.  She may end up being a bit of a sleeper as she is very elegant and has a beautiful expression on her face.  Her outfit has a throwback glamour to another age and her bracelet and earrings are quite nice.  Here she is in her original outfit and then Go Green.  I must say my 17 year old son did ask me which doll I had in the leprechaun outfit.

Also played abit with Essentials Day Dania.  I don't have a vampire body yet but I do like this one.  There was alot of confusion with the Day and Night monikers and when I received my 4 tkts I thought I was getting the blonde Natalia as Day when I really prefered Dania.  Luckily at the store, she turned out to be Day and I was very happy.  She has a certain look in her eye that is mysterious.
I redressed her in a cute Randall Craig dress that has a retro feel. I picked this up from Kem at the convention it's the sort of dress I would wear too. 

Who to redress tomorrow??


  1. Hi Vicky, love your redress of Dania. I was tempted w/Go Green but then something else grabbed my attention :O). It was so great meeting you and I hope to see you in Orlando. Anika

  2. Thank you Anika, I definitely hope to do this all again in Orlando. It was a pleasure to meet you too.