Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home at Last

Finally home after a wonderful, exciting, busy, expensive, amazing 1st convention and relaxing after unpacking and having supper.  Flight in was fast although the lineups for security were so long at Midway.  I did catch the security officer checking my bag with the dolls in them with a funny face but I didn't have to explain them until I went through my own customs and got a few interesting comments.

All in all, I had a blast and will have to do it again next year in Florida but I better start putting away those pennies now.  I will post some more pictures tomorrow as it's Thanksgiving in Canada and I have the day off. The only sad thing is that most of my new dolls are coming by UPS ground, already got my notice, how fast Integrity works as I left them around 12:30am still with a huge line up in the shop, and I only have a few favs with me - the two Poppys, my new Victoire, and my fave DGs plus a bald cutie that was left in the shop last night and which I had to buy to bring home to wear the pink wig I had bought on Thursday.

Here are a few quick shots of my dolls as I got ready to pack them up

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