Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Dolls, Raffle Room and some Entries

Well today we waited with baited breath for the Convention collection to be unveiled.  I didn't want to wait in line from the morning  so I went to Woodfield Mall for abit and walked  around getting the exercise that I didn't do in the gym today.  Then when I came back with some very good beef tacos, I went down to wait for the room to open, meeting some lovely people in the line, while we whiled away a good hour.  In the meantime, people who had gone in earlier came out with their mystery grab bags and I heard a few shrieks when Regal Estate Agnes was unwrapped in the $60 bags.  By the time I got in the room, they were down to $25 and $30 bags.  I picked the $30 and received a Pierre head, a turq scarf for him, the set of Sand luggage and the dress from the "name eludes me now" Poppy.  Not a bad bargain for $30. 

I know better pictures are out there but here are mine from the room of the 2011 Convention collection.  I am personally in love with the bright hues of a few of the dolls.

Also a quick picture of the line up while we waited.

After a quick snack I went back to check out the Raffle and Competition Room.  There were 4 large amazing dioramas set up and I tried to capture what I could of the mood.  There are such talented people in the doll world.

Unfortunately, there were no credits yet on the sets so I hope to find out who the artists are after and post them.

 This is my favourite one with wonderful details that you have to peak through the windows to see and with Acheron just calmly lying there while the drama is taking place outside the bedroom.

More after dinner as I have to get ready now.


  1. Thanks for posting these! The dioramas are my favorite part!

  2. Thank you. I have a few more pics of dioramas but there aren't many this year from what I remember of other years.